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We have a vision: to advance racial and gender equity in the creative space. When women gather to do their best work, we make a better world.

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Creative Execution

91% of women believe advertisers don’t understand them.

She-conomy, “Marketing to Women Quick Facts”

Female Leadership

Only 29% of creative directors are female.

3% Movement

Creative Solopreneurs

18% of designers surveyed are self-employed.

AIGA Eye on Design “Design Census” 2019

Racial Diversity

Only 16.2% of designers surveyed identified as BIPOC.

Only 3% of designers across all industries are Black.

AIGA Eye on Design “Design Census” 2019

Gender Diversity

15% of designers identify as LGBTQIA+

AIGA Eye on Design “Design Census” 2019

Job Satisfaction

Only 16% of creative women at ad agencies are “very satisfied” with their job.

What Women Want, Results from 3% Community Survey, 2016

Gender Discrimination

25% of creative women surveyed have experienced gender discrimination.

What Women Want, Results from 3% Community Survey, 2016

Sexual Harassment

54% of ad women have been subjected to unwanted sexual attention., The 3% Movement, 2015

Toxic Culture

91% of women in advertising have been subjected to demeaning comments from male colleagues., The 3% Movement, 2015

Unfair Pay

60% of ad women believe they are less well compensated than their male peers., The 3% Movement, 2015

Working Moms

49% of moms said being a parent negatively impacted their career., The 3% Movement, 2015

Pay Inequality

Compared to every $1.00 white men make,
Asian women make $ 0.95
White women make $ 0.82
Black women make $ 0.77
Hispanic, Pacific Islander women make $0.76
American Indian women make $0.69

Solopreneur Challenges

Isolation, loneliness, self-doubt, and networking are major barriers to solopreneuring.

Best-in-class women entrepreneurs

We form a custom team of best-in-class women entrepreneurs — experts who are highly experienced and deeply vetted in their respective disciplines. Our entrepreneurial model means direct access to the precise talent you need to effectively and efficiently complete your projects.

We honor
the humanity of every person we touch.

We are intentional
about attracting both members and clients who advance diversity and inclusivity.

We celebrate
all women, non-binary and trans people. And all male allies who believe in our cause.

Why X? Because we want to become Xtinct

Women are at the heart and soul of this new venture called AddWomxn. We are excellent communicators when we come together to nurture and empower each other. Our hope is that someday AddWomxn will be obsolete (or rather, Xtinct) because a mindset of abundance – in the workplace, in our communities – has affected change. […]


We are the change.

We are women creatives.

We honor cultural diversity.

We build great brands.

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