About us.

Our creation story inspires women everywhere.

Renita Faye realized she hadn’t worked with a Black designer since her first job out of design school back in 1995. And so she decided to do something about it. Because she knew the possibility and promise of diversity. She had experienced it firsthand.

Renita’s first design job was with a Black-owned firm. She was the only white woman on the team. Her next design job was with a firm that was co-owned by an entrepreneurial woman and a man of Asian descent. After that, she was working in a sea of sameness, driven by the lack of women and diversity in the design community.

Inspired by her own history of being born on the Devil’s Lake Sioux Reservation, Renita got to work. She reached out to her network and beyond and created a new way of working together. AddWomxn is the proud outcome of her inspiring vision. Where women connect through affinity. And diversity takes priority.

Renita has teamed up with Aaron King, Jen Gilhoi, and Janice Stanford, who make up our Advisory Board.

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We are creatively wired.

We’re designing for the future.

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