“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.”

- Harriet Tubman

Renita Faye


Founder & Chief
Creative Director

Affina, LLC




Team leader

Creative direction

Renita FayePortrait

If Renita can dream it, she can make it happen. And big things are happening every day at AddWomxn. Because we have big goals, like making the world a more peaceful place. And doing exceptional creative work on behalf of our cherished clients — clients who also value diversity and equity.

As the inspiration behind the AddWomxn concept, Renita brings the best-of-the-best womxn creatives together. She serves as the founder and CEO of our collaborative. And she also performs the role of chief creative director at her own design firm, Affina. For nearly two decades, Renita has been plowing forward, learning the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship as she goes. One thing has become clear through the years: we must advance the role of women and girls in the world. Especially the disenfranchised among us.

Renita spends her free time pursuing creative projects like painting with watercolors, playing the piano, and even knitting something useful. For a bit more adventure, she coaches girls’ fastpitch softball, volunteers at the Minnesota Institute of Arts, and enjoys biking on local trails. She admires both Oprah Winfrey and Brené Brown for their profound leadership and inspirational curiosity. To say nothing of their unapologetically gutsy willingness to openly share who they truly are. And in moments of audacity, Renita imagines being an astronaut. Weightless. Exploring the vast universe. Finding the elusive answers.

There are so many tough questions these days. Like why are there so few woman-owned and minority-owned design firms? As the collaborative concept emerged in her mind’s eye, Renita realized she hadn’t worked with a Black designer since her first job out of design school in 1995. And she decided to do something about it. Inspired by her own history of being born on the Devil’s Lake Sioux Reservation — long story; ask her about it — Renita got to work. She reached out to her network and created a new way of working together. AddWomxn is the proud outcome of her inspiring vision.

Other Addwomxn Advisory Board Members: Aaron King | Jennifer Gilhoi | Janice Stanford